Coffee Klatsch at La Cabra October 2021

Hey all, welcome to Coffee Klatsch. This site is going to evolve, a lot, I hope. But I’ve learned from past endeavors that it’s better to get something up and then work from there..

I’ve been visiting cafes with like-minded compadres in New York City (and beyond) for a long time. I love hanging out in cafes, and before I knew anything about coffee, cafe culture was the draw for me. The goal is to build a community-oriented guide to New York City coffee and coffee culture. The site as is only reflects one facet of what I hope it to be.

Coffee klatsch means to hang out with friends, drink coffee and chat, about the coffee and whatever else. That’s one of my favorite things in the world. Every week we meet at a different cafe, either a new spot or an old favorite, and do just that. Anyone is invited. Feel free to reach out with any questions, either by email or through Instagram chat.

Beyond organizing weekly cafe exploring, I’m maintaining a guide to New York City area specialty coffee (and select other) events. If you have an event for consideration, please send it my way – no guarantees though. I tend to focus on coffee (or tea) -related events, not merely events that happen at cafes (although I reserve the right to ignore that stipulation). All events posted on this site are those aimed at the general public, not coffee professionals, although of course professionals are welcome.

Recently I have begun working on the editorial side of the site, starting with a running list of noteworthy New York City cafe openings, covering 2023 and going forward.